Understanding Concrete Spalling

8 December 2016
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Concrete spalling is a problem frequently encountered with pavement that has not been correctly installed or maintained. Despite its prevalence, however, many people don't understand the basic information about concrete spalling. If you want to brush up your knowledge of paving problems, read on. This article will introduce you to the problem of spalling, as well as possible solutions to it. The Basics Spalling is a problem that affects the surface of concrete pavement, causing it to start chipping or flaking apart. Read More 

Types Of Concrete Sealers

29 November 2016
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Concrete is an extremely durable option for paved surfaces, hardscapes, foundations, and even garage and outdoor flooring. However, in order to prevent becoming worn and tired over time due to weather exposure and wear and tear, concrete needs to be regularly sealed against the elements. There are several different types of concrete sealers available, each of which has a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages associated with them. Understanding the differences between the available types of sealers can help you choose the one that best suits your concrete surface needs. Read More 

Tips For Mixing Concrete

27 October 2016
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You might have decided to finally add concrete to a project that you have been working on. You go to the hardware store and buy a bag of ready-mix concrete. However, you're not entirely sure how to mix it so that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Here are some tips that you can follow, along with the instructions of the particular brand of concrete that you have bought, to make sure that your home improvement project can be finished as easily as possible. Read More 

Improving Your Concrete With Acid Stain

26 July 2016
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The floor in your basement is made from a concrete slab. No matter what type of flooring you place over the concrete, it won't be as durable as the concrete itself. On the other hand, a bare concrete slab is not much to look at. This is where using acid stain can help you to make a beautiful, durable floor without spending a lot of money.  What is Acid Stain? Read More 

Creating Eye Catching Floors In Your Home With Concrete

13 May 2016
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Designers have used concrete creatively for years in commercial buildings. When planning your next major home remodeling project, consider concrete for your floors. This versatile material can be tinted, stamped, stenciled, carved and molded to look like a number of other materials and surfaces. You'll create some new flooring that will become conversation pieces in your home. Kitchen Floors Have the concrete tinted to a color that matches the kitchen cabinets or appliances. Read More